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Patrol Escorts are available when you need them most.


  • early AM shift before your shop opens
  • late hours when your closing
  • escorts for your employees late at night
  • security escorts for you personally

Patrol Escorts

At Security Specialist we offer patrol escort. You may scheduled security escorts with an armed officer in a marked vehicle. Our patrol security escort is available at your home or business. This service can be used anytime of day, so let say you have a shop that closes very late at night and you would like your employees escorted to their vehicles because the parking lot is far away from the shop. One of our patrol escorts can meet your employees at the end of the business hour and ensure they are all safely to their vehicles. This is also useful for areas where crime is higher for theft or vandalism. We know it is one thing to run your business but another entire business when security is needed for yourself, family or employees. No days we need to be more cautious when walking to our vehicles more than ever before.

With a watchful eye and keen sense of awareness, our patrol officers will give you the peace of mind you deserve by accompanying or standing by you and your family or your employees while arriving or departing from a location. Whether you’re closing up shop for the day or coming home, we will work closely with you to develop an effective schedule and operations plan to deter any criminal activities from occurring. We can patrol your company parking lot and surrounding areas to keep not only your employees but customers level of security higher. By having a patrol escort they can report back to you any suspicious activity they witnessed, where, what time of day and how it was handled. Most of the time when suspicious people are looking for opportunities to steal or cause a disturbance they seek out a place that has no security. By having that extra level of security presence you are making your area safer for all individuals.

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