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So you want cheap camera monitoring?

Cheap camera monitoring shouldn’t settle for anything less than 100% efficiency. This is something we believe at Security Specialists. It is a thought that drives the fact that at 1.50 per hour nationwide, our camera monitoring services represents the cheapest camera monitoring to be found anywhere. At the same time, you aren’t losing anything in the way of a complete peace of mind. Even at these extraordinary prices, you can still count on a company with more than fifteen years of security work throughout Los Angeles and beyond.
Contact us today. We can discuss the possibility of cheap camera monitoring, in addition to a wide range of additional services. Beyond offering the cheapest camera monitoring to be found virtually anywhere in the world, there is a great deal about camera monitoring services that we can discuss with you in greater detail.

Remote Camera Monitoring Services

In this day and age, security for your home or place of business is pretty much essential. Unfortunately, many people balk at the prospect of taking measures to safeguard themselves, their families, and their property. There are a number of different reasons as to why this might be the case, but cost is often enough the reason people give. We all want to be safe, but we don’t have the arm and leg we think security might cost.
Let our security experts and services change that perception for you. Cheap camera monitoring allows you to take advantage of comprehensive, intelligent technology that keeps your home safe on every possible level. At the same time, you can also find yourself saving a ton of money on hiring guards, paying for insurance, or other potential expenses. In addition to being the cheapest camera monitoring to be found anywhere, we are also the most dedicated. Our security specialists will monitor your cameras 24/7. If suspicious/criminal activity is observed, our monitoring personnel will utilize a pre-determined response. We will either contact you, contact law enforcement, or dispatch a patrol unit immediately to your location (if you’ve subscribed to our Patrol Service).
Don’t have a camera system? We can help with that, as well. We work with dozens of installers, and we are only too happy to connect you to one that will be able to meet your needs.
Can your cameras be viewed remotely? If you can view your cameras with an off-site computer on the internet, then so can we.