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Security is not a one size fits all solution. Security Specialists offers customized security options.

Security Service Options

When it comes to securing different homes, communities, businesses, construction sites, events big and small. No two clients are the same as the security needs they are seeking. Security Specialists has been a successful security company because we recognize that the service we provide to one client will be different and we must adjust to the environments security needs. We will put together a customized plan to secure your property or event. No corners will be cut. In fact, we run our security business with the latest in technology and our security officers are all licensed and trained. Please read below for some security options and special rates we offer.

Security Scheduling Options

Get service with flexibility on your terms. All of our contracts are month-to-month.
Patrol inspections can be kept at random and or scheduled, to be determined by the client. A good example would be if your property was scheduled for 3 inspections in a 24 hour period, you could request 1 random inspection during the day, 1 random inspection during the evening and 1 scheduled inspection at a certain hour such as 10:00 pm.
Service coverage for all of our services may be increased or decreased at any time. Whether you’re implementing more Patrol visits or wanting to combine services such as Security Officer Service with Patrol Service you can mix and match any of our services. We will work closely with you to develop an effective schedule and operations plan to provide you the best possible “Bang for the Buck” and year-round “Sound Coverage”.

Security Package Plan:

*Discounts for Residential Communities and Businesses

We offer multiple properties discounts for residential communities and businesses, up to 20% off, please contact us for more details.


Security Specialists is capable of checking a vehicle’s license number through the California DMV database. Each DMV run will provide a vehicle’s registered owner’s name (no address) and registration information. This service is helpful in identifying possible residents of a community that may be parking illegally or were involved in a criminal act such as vandalism, theft, property damage or a violation of the community’s rules and regulations. DMV runs are available to active clients by request only. The fee for each DMV run is $ 15.00.

On-Site Security Service to Patrol Service Conversion

In some cases, clients will find that having an on-site service is excessive and costly and often will relate to utilizing our efficient and cost-effective Patrol Services for their security needs. To find out if your property may benefit more from our Patrol Service rather than an on-site service, please contact us today for a free evaluation.

Alarm Response for residents in a community we patrol

If we currently patrol your community, residents can take advantage of our Alarm Response Service at a discounted rate of up to 40% off. (see Alarm Response Service for more details).

Guest Parking Enforcement for residential communities

Most residential communities are at a constant battle for limited guest parking spaces. Many residents and guests of a community take advantage of parking and ignore the rules that have been in place to ensure there is ample space available anytime residents are expecting family or friends to visit.
Security Specialists has an aggressive guest parking enforcement system that will give control back to the community. We have many proven ideas that will help reduce the number of guest parking violators in your community. Please call for more details and we would be more than happy to help you explore your options.

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