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Surveillance, Protection, Armed Alarm Response

Our central station is fully equipted with the latest security technology

Security Specialists Central Station

It is through our desire and nature to be responsive to our clients. Our central station, located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley provides communications, dispatch, and information support.
Our dispatchers and supervisory personnel assist patrol units in the field by monitoring unit locations, dispatching emergency assistance, checking prior incidents related to vehicle and suspect information and assisting with logistical activities. The enhanced communications and information support provided by the central station improves response to service calls, increases officer safety, and ensures that officers are capable of making informed decisions when interacting with unfamiliar individuals in the field.
Our central station is the hub of Security Specialists that controls all company operations including, officers scheduling and deployment, daily briefings and roll call providing our officers instruction with specific client needs and updates.

Central Station State of The Art Technology

To effectively support the activities of our operations staff, our central station is equipped with state-of-the-art communications and information systems. All patrol vehicles, for example, are tracked in real-time by a Global Positioning System (GPS) that displays the location of each patrol unit on-screen at our central station. By simply looking at the computer screen, dispatchers can identify and dispatch the closest patrol unit to any client location.

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