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The Benefits Of Mobile Patrols

Security Specialists offer mobile patrols for both homes and businesses. These services are beneficial to businesses, and communities especially those who experience lots of disturbances at night due to undesirable behaviour.

What is a mobile patrol?

When you’re thinking about hiring security you generally think about a standing security guard. However if you don’t need 24 hour security on site you can save your pocket book a ton of cash by hiring mobile patrols.

Mobile patrols usually patrol around an agreed area or a perimeter. Let’s just say for example you own a liquor store with a small parking lot, you could have the outer perimeter patrolled by security, patrolling the building and parking lot. When thinking about scheduling the patrols they can be done at specified times or can be done randomly to avoid routine. Another solution is the mobile patrol officer could also be posted there overnight whenever you are in need of constant monitoring.

Mobile Patrol Benefits

Below are just some of the major benefits of having mobile patrol.
– Mobile patrol keeps the premises secure and deters unwanted visitors.
– Mobile patrol units provide a cost effective way of keeping your business safe.
– Hiring a security guard can be costly whereas hiring a mobile patrol can be cheaper and just as effective.
– Mobile patrols can give the client and employees’s peace of mind, where they can feel safe at work knowing they are being kept safe.
– Mobile patrols can be done at any time day or night, even in the dead of night, so keeping premises secure during the night isn’t a problem.
– By just having a mobile patrol visit it can be a deterrent, as no one will approach the premises if they think it is being patrolled regularly.
– The patrols can cover a wide area, so a large premises isn’t a problem and as they are mobile, constantly surveying the area they are more likely to cover more ground and be more efficient than a permanent posted security guard sat in an office.
– One of the biggest benefits is how much money they will save the client in the long run. The potential costs of repairing damaged buildings or windows can run into thousands, especially for stores with large window displays. Imagine owning a car sales business and having all the cars in the yard torched because there was no security. Having a patrol really could save thousands and avoid a lot of hassle in the long run.
– Avoid the hassle of damage to property, stolen goods, damage to employees property and avoid time being wasted in the process.
Whether the business closes during the night or is open 24/7, a mobile patrol can help keep the premises and everyone concerned safe. After having regular patrols clients often comment they should have done it sooner, don’t put off to tomorrow what should be done today.
Safety is a priority not a procrastination.