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24 hour Armed Response

Alarm Response is affordable and gives you the peace of mind

Business Alarm Response

You dread the phone call in the middle of the night from the alarm company telling you there’s been an activation, you dread having to go down there in case you disturb someone in the process and fear for your safety.

Fast Business Alarm Response – “We go so you don’t have to”

Don’t concern yourself with the midnight call outs and worry, allow us to attend for you. We will send an armed security officer to your premises to investigate the call out fast. Our security guards are trained in self-defense and firearms giving them the ability to defend not only themselves but your business too.

Key holding

We will hold keys for your property so there is no delay in getting inside and no disruption to you. Your keys will be held securely at our office and only given out when necessary.

The benefits of business alarm response

– Your risk is reduced dramatically, as you will not attend to the active alarm there and we will. This means less risk of you disrupting any active intruders and getting attacked.
– It can save you money in the long run, if you were to get attacked during a call out there is a chance you would have to take time off work or would need to take a few days to recover from the ordeal.
– The business alarm response is fast as our security officers are ready to attend, even through the night
– You will have total peace of mind knowing a team of professionals have you covered, your alarm call out will be responded to by a highly trained and armed security officer.
– You will not have to put any other employees at risk through asking them to attend call outs. They can still provide basic key holding responsibilities without the risk of them attending.
– No interruption to the working day ahead, no lost sleep or problems to deal with. Our security officers are trained to respond in a professional manner. They will see any problems on your behalf until you can direct otherwise.
– Fewer insurance claims for compensation for staff potentially becoming injured
– For a cost-effective service everyone’s safety is a priority, yours included.

We offer this service for a small fee of $24.99 a month which is fantastic value and really will pay for itself in the long run. It really is a fantastic service for a great price and you will notice the benefits straight away, knowing we have you covered.

Business Alarm Response

  • Armed Response
  • Immediate Dispatch
  • Peace of Mind

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