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Tips for home security you absolutely can’t miss!

When it comes to the things in your life, family comes first, but right behind family, comes your home. Without a home, you don’t have a place to call your own, and most importantly, your home, like any special place, is somewhere that is supposed to be protected and secure. There is nothing worse than having a home that’s compromised, so rather than letting that happen, you should consider the following tips on security for your home to ensure that not only will be your home be safe, but you’ll be able to feel much more confident when you leave for work or go on extended trips.

1. Have Active Deterrents

A deterrent is anything that motivates someone to not do something. In other words, if you put a sign up that says, “Beware of dog,” you’re deterring people form jumping your fence and going into your yard. In your home and on the outside of your home, you need active deterrents. Active deterrents are the things that will work hard to ensure that people not only leave you alone, but they won’t want to break into your home. Try getting dogs, visible security cameras, and signs on the lawn that notify the neighbors about your security systems. All of these will work in tandem to create a vibe that your home is not only secure, but there will be immediate consequences if someone tries to break in.

2. Have a Break-In Plan

One of the scariest scenarios imaginable is having your home broken into while you’re still there. When it comes to home security, deterrents can only go so far. You need to ensure that you have a way to deal with a possible break-in. Having loaded firearms in the way to go, but you need to make sure you’re trained, and that they’re properly stored and secured to prevent a child or unwanted individual from gaining access to them.

3. Always Appear Like Your Home

While break-in plans and active deterrents are good, keeping up a psychological ploy can also go a long way. Thieves usually prefer to break into empty homes, so if you can make it look like there are always people in your home, they will be less likely to break-in. Always ensure you have cars in the driveway, and make a point to leave lights on at night if for some reason you leave the house, even if it’s only for a few hours.