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Security Guards for all events

Security Specialists Event Security Guards :


  • large events
  • small intimate events
  • private events
  • weddings
  • parties
  • quinceaneras
  • sweet 16
  • graduation parties
  • retirement parties
  • city events
  • public events, award shows

Security Guards for Events


Security Specialists Pro has been securing private and public events since 1999. We can secure events of all sizes and anywhere in Southern California. If you’re having an upcoming event please call us for a free quote. We have both armed and unarmed security guards for events. Depending on the venue, also the type of event you are having, and most importantly safety concerns will determine whether or not you need an armed security officer on site. You may also request to have the security officers in uniform or in a special dress code such as business attire. We here at Security Specialist Pro understand the safety concerns involved when throwing a wedding, celebration or public event.

Our Security Attends to the Guest List While You Attend to Your Guest

Security Specialists security guards for events know that the focus your focus as the host is to attend to your guest. We focus on your guest list and not allowing people in the event that are not supposed to be attending. We will check that every one of your guests is on the list before allowing entry into your private event. We realize sometimes random people like to crash certain parties more than others, and in order to have a smooth event, we first have to ensure that we are only allowing the invited guest into your event.



How Our Guards Deal with Security Issues at Events

Often at weddings, parties or events people tend to drink a little too much and fights will start. With our event security guards securing your event of any fights or disturbance is a priority. We will be dealt with any disturbance as discreetly as possible and in a professional manner. We realize that this is a special event for you and your guest. We attend to these types of security issues as swiftly as to not disturb your event. We know that when you are hosting an event you would also like to enjoy yourself and the last thing you need to worry about is a potential disturbance. We want you to trust that we will take care of the security at your event so you could focus on attending and spending time with your guest. You can rest assured as our security guards for events are highly trained to spot any potential security issues before they take place. Our job is not only to deal with security issues but also keeping all guest as safe as possible. When we arrive at your event we will make a security assessment of the venue and put in place what is needed to avoid any security issues during the event. As your event starts and proceeds we continue observing any threats before they start.



Why Hire Security Specialists?

We know hiring a security company for an event can be difficult with so many security companies out there that it can be incredibly hard to know which security company to choose. Having bad security can be just as damaging as having no security! Make sure that you pick a security company that’s professional, licensed, insured, experienced and discreet. It’s always best to choose a security firm that has had huge amounts of experience in the kind of event that you’ll be putting on so that you know they will have dealt with any potential problems before.

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